Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Playful Fun

I'm feeling a little new energy now that the spring winds are blowing. The first one is a mental walk through my old stomping grounds, the West Mesa in Albuquerque. I lived near these extinct volcanoes.

And I wanted to try to paint the Northeastern areas a bit more. Here's one inspired by a snapshot taken last spring at Niagara Falls. 

Again, both are digital, done in Fresh Paint, a Windows app.


  1. Are you using a Wacom or some kind of Pencil for this?

  2. No, but I do have a touch-screen on my PC, so I use my finger to paint these. It gives quite a close approximation of painting, lacking only a few aspects. It really is an exceptional app, especially for one that's free!

  3. Oh, ok. That's what Michael Nobbs uses, too--his finger on an Ipad. He's a Welsh artist who has ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome. ( I just had a class by him in Sketchbook Skool.) I want to try it.