Monday, March 9, 2015

In the Mix

In the Mix, gouache, 2.5" x 3.5" on Arches 300 c/p

Needless to say, I want some color and vibrancy in my life right now! If you're like me, your eyes long to see certain kinds of colors. When you finally see them, there's a satisfaction that's quite physical. Perhaps you understand--I hope so. It's hard to explain.

The overbuilt saturation of these colors was quite intentional. I can't quite get the picture of it to behave, but this is a fair, if not good approximation of them. Winter has had me seeing too much black and white. It's time for life and color to bloom, so when I found this photo of a bouquet, I knew I had to paint it.

Honestly, the painting took on a life of its own, as they sometimes do. I found myself spraying it with water, dabbing away any too-wimpy colors and firing in pure, bright hues instead. Some colors simply demanded to be added, even though they weren't evident in the source photo.

Favorite part: The top of the yellow flower, sculpted by the velvety purple background color. Those colors zing, and the negative shapes define the positives in a very satisfying way.

It's 34° right now! Do you know what that means, after two months of temperatures well below freezing? Spring. Is. Coming.

Praise God!