Friday, December 26, 2014

Snowvember Storm

11-19-2014, 3.5" x 5.5" Moleskine sketchpad

A storm of epic proportions dropped no less than 7 FEET of snow on the towns in the southern reaches of Buffalo, NY, starting on November 18, not more than 10 miles from our doorstep. Happily, we received only 8-10".

Lake effect snow is very capricious, it turns out. Frankly, this New Mexican transplant was extremely glad not to have to deal with that much snow! However, some of the photographs that resulted were quite engaging.

I honestly don't recall where this one came from. I perused a lot of the weather sites where people were posting snapshots of all kinds as the snow accumulated, and grabbed a few of those. From there I cropped and flopped them, jinking the contrast to arrive at images that pleased me. I rarely paint the exact photo I'm viewing, usually changing the composition to please me as I go along. (But if this is a drawing of your place, let me know!)

Just to give you a taste, take a look at this screenshot from local channel 4, WIVB, in Buffalo.

Yeah, a lot of snow fell! Even the birdfeeders were loaded down, but at least one little bird found a feast.

I counted my blessings, snug and warm in our apartment, looking at the lacy edge of the hovering cloud a few miles off, where the snow was adding feet every day.

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