Sunday, December 28, 2014


Kitten, Moleskine 3.5" x 5.5"
My granddaughter loves cats. I really had a good time drawing the bright little face and tidy white apron on this kitten, as well as the tufts of  mussy fur on her head.

This had to be a tabby. I had a cat that lived to a ripe old age, who was beautiful warm gray tabby. Unfortunately she was also the meanest cat on the planet to everyone except me.

She slept in a box near the fire, where she fooled visitors to my studio into thinking they could pet her glossy fur. She would arch her back, accepting their outstretched hand, and even let them stroke her twice. I always warned them to stop after two, but occasionally that outstretched hand would confidently reach out a third time and receive a well-placed claw hooked quickly into the flesh, a reminder that she was done. Sigh.

I'm sure this little kitten would neve become such a beast.

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